The Pathfinder Long Distance Walk

2014 Guide
North End of Route - The route runs right to left - Pidley Golf Course to Warboys Airfield

The route follows the Pathfinder Long Distance Walk.  Starting at RAF Wyton, you follow an anti-clockwise route passing by the four main bases of the PathFinder Force (Wyton, Gravely, Oakington, Warboys). There are some interesting sights on the way - such as the 7 Sqn window at Longstanton Church.

If you have google earth on your computer clicking here will open it showing the path the route follows.  There are 8 checkpoints as follows;
CP1 Grid Ref 2395 6490. 05:30-10:30 The memorial at Graveley Airfield (at the entrance to Cotton Farm).
CP2 Grid Ref 3155 6360. 07:00-12:00 The Poacher Public House in Elsworth (in the beer garden).
CP3 Grid Ref 3819 6214. 08:30-14:15 Dry Drayton Primary School (next to the Black Horse Pub).
CP4 Grid Ref 3930 6680. 09:30-15:30 Longstanton Sports & Social Club.
CP5 Grid Ref 3700 7525. 11:00-17:30 St Helen’s Primary School, Bluntisham.
CP6 Grid Ref 3119 8028. 13:00-21:00 The Royal Oak public house in Warboys.
CP7 Grid Ref 2910 7925. 14:00-22:00 Near the Ramsey Model Aero Club (out on Warboys Airfield).
CP8 Grid Ref 2615 7655. 14:30-23:00 Kings Ripton Village Hall.

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