Registration and Payment Instructions (46 Milers)
1. Click on SI Entries button. Register as required, then click on 'Enter Online'.
2. Select 'Team Type' as per Team Type Options, Click 'Add Entry'
3. In the Person to Enter, select ‘Somebody already registered with SIEntries'. Click 'Next'
4. Complete the boxes. Items such as home address will only be held on SIEntries database. Click next
5. Scroll down the review page. There is an opportunity to make a donation to a charity we have chosen if you wish. You must select the check boxes ‘Event disclaimer and Terms and conditions’ and SIEntries ‘Terms of use’. You can also add another person to the same payment

6. Click Save and enter, then click on ‘Make Payment’. Please note your [online] payment will be to SIEntries who will transfer the fees to us.
8. Click Confirm Payment. You will then go to the last page where you can download a receipt if you so desire (we suggest you do so).
Relay Teams
1. From item 2 above pick the requisite relay team option
2. Add Team Name
3. Add Team Members (minimum of 2) by clicking ‘Add Participant’ up to a maximum of 8 persons, click next
4. Process is the same as above from item 5