To apply to take part, you are required to complete the requisite form and send it to me with the payment (if paying by Cheque) or pay direct by BACS/Fast Transfer - details are on the form. No matter how many applicants are being paid for on one BACS payment, I only need the name of the person paying on the transfer. The additional persons should be listed on the table on Page 2 (everyone if the BACS payer is not taking part). For those posting several applications in one envelope, make sure you check  and validate both size and weight at the Post Office - we are not able to pay for packages that are witheld due to insufficient postage paid. It is suggested the forms are completed on a desktop or laptop computer rather than mobile phone as the form will be difficult to read and complete.

The cost is £18/person. This can be paid by cheque or by BACS (Fast) transfer. There are two check boxes on the forms, one for BACS and one for Cheque. Please tick or cross next to the relevant payment method. The details for the BACS payment are on the form.

Please note, the hyperlinks at the right and side of the page are for Office 2016 versions of Word. At the bottom of the page are links for Office 2016, Office 2003 and Libre Office


Having completed your form, signed and dated it and posted it to me, please drop me an email from the e-mail address you put on your application form. That way I will not have issues with complicated addresses and returns will not go astray. MOD staff are advised NOT to use work addresses.