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    It is with disappointment and a tinge of sadness that I must report there will be no Pathfinder March this year - indeed perhaps never again. Apparently, we have no Officer who is willing to take on the event.

    I am told 42 Engineer Regt were willing to take it on (offer made last September) but events have overtaken the March and they are not in a position to run it now.

    The attached Excel file lists the 2016 finishers in finishing order. Times are based on what was fed to me so please don't query them as they won't be changed.

    2016 Pictures

    The album of photos supplied by the photographers can be found here. I have copies of the originals in full size and can supply upon request. PFM 2016 - THE ALBUM. Clicking on the thumbnail opens a larger version, you can then click the record selectors to move through the album.

    For Your Information

    Details on how to apply are on the 'How to Enter' page
    Details about the route are on the 'Route' page
    Details about the registration process are on the 'On the Day' page
    Terms and Conditions are on the 'Terms + Conditions' page
    Health and Safety Guidance is on the 'Health and Safety' page